Saturday, November 1, 2014


Hello my dear readers! (are there any?haha) Sorry for the sudden hiatus. I got hold of a lot of things lately and I felt bad for keeping my blog empty for a while now. Missing product reviews and outfit posts already that's why I decided to write a short style wishlist from in preparation for the upcoming Christmas and New Year's Eve! I can't promise that I would be super active now but I would do my best to write something again.

Thinking about what to wear for your Christmas party? Let me share with you some of my picks.

That's it! What can you say about my wishlist? Aren't they perfect for parties? has a wide range of cheap clothing, bags, and shoes! Visit their website to check more of their fashionable items. Also, they have FREE shipping for Korean clothing here  andChristmas Day sale here . Go and buy now! 

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Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, June 20, 2014


Hello! I'm still alive. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been on a serious movies and books addiction just recently. Definitely not the normal me, I'm no bookworm but I'm indulging myself with novels nowadays and honestly,I'm getting the hang of it. I don't like reading because I'm lazy but it feels so good to read beautiful stories. 

Anyway, today I decided to share with you my newly purchased and definitely my new favorite lip lacquer. The MUA LUXE Velvet in Reckless. I've been eyeing on this since forever and finally I got one the last time I attended the Philippine Fashion Week at SMX. Luckily I had the chance to visit the Superb Bazaar on their last day there too.

Can I just say, I got a LOT of compliments with this lip lacquer. Everyone were like "I like your lipstick". They seem to be liking the shade on me. Although, I regret not getting the shade Kooky that day since I had a hard time choosing between the two. Even so, I'm quite excited to get the other shades soon! These lip lacquers are very opaque and matte which are the things I look for in lipsticks/lip lacquers. It's also easy to remove, just wipe it off with tissue and it easily comes off unlike the cheap Excel Paris lip lacquers which are a pain to remove. 

Another good point is that, it doesn't make my lips dry or chappy. Matte lipsticks usually make my lips cracked and chappy but this doesn't. So it's a good thing! Also, its lasting power is intense!

Loving the shade! I think if this was not matte I wouldn't like it. One thing is for sure, matte lipsticks make me more comfortable although I can wear semi gloss lippies but it may depend on a particular shade. I also don't like the feeling when my hair stick to my lips. It's just a NO-NO!

Moving on, if you've already seen my recent Maleficent inspired make up, you may have known that I used this lip lacquer as an alternative to MAC's Maleficent True Love's Kiss Lipstick. And I can say, it really did a great a job! It popped out a nice red finish and villain like. I'm super impressed! 

I can't wait to get the other shades soon. Lime Crime is next on my list and I already had a friend get me the Lime Crime Red Velvet in the US and I will soon get my hands on it this coming week. Also eyeing on the new Lime Crime Gothatines line! I like everything! Whew! I'm hyperventilating. (haha) TAKE ALL MY MONEY!! But I don't have money, that's a problem. Just kidding! haha

I hope you all have a great weekend! Share with me some of your favorite matte lipsticks on the comment box below! 

You can get this from Hot Shop for Php 380.00

Hot shop's  Instagram.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Disney's Maleficent Makeup

Tadaaaaah! I did it! 

My version of Maleficent's makeup is here! I didn't have the actual horns and costume though, but thank goodness my editing went well. 

I've been meaning to do the Maleficent makeup last week and finally I had the time to do it this morning. What do you think about it? It was fun! I wish I had MAC's Maleficent Collection though since I really want it so bad. Perhaps, I had to use my existing make up stuff for this look because they're out of stock everywhere. So Sad, I think I'll just order the Sculpting powder online. Do you happen to know anyone that sells them? Anyway, here are the products used on this look.

Pinkies Collection Cream Foundation
Make up Store Concealer Wheel
Maybelline Mineral Powder in Dark
MAC Powder Blush in Eversun
Pigeon Compact Baby Powder

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
NARS Eyeshadow in Madrague
Sephora Block Buster Palette False Eyelashes

MUA LUXE Velvet Lipstick in Reckless

Real Techniques Brushes

I'm really happy with the output. I think it's not that bad at all. Although, I look like a Maleficent Asian version but it's okay. LOL 

What do you guys think of this Maleficent inspired look? 
Would you like a video tutorial for this?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

MAC Disney Maleficent collection

MAC Disney Maleficent collection

While I was watching the most epic Maleficent movie last night. I can't help but be amazed with every detail of Maleficent's artistic make-up. The sunken eyes, the pouty red lips (of course Angelina is known for that), and her protruding angled cheek bones. Though, it was not executed as the original Maleficent character with green skin that we all know, I could say I like the modern look better. Isn't she just the most good looking villain in the world? 

Well, I must say I'm inspired to do my version in the next few days. If only I can buy MAC's Maleficent collection so I can really feel that villain spirit while doing my make-up. (LOL) I really want it so bad, but I think it would be too expensive knowing MAC. Perhaps, I could just use some of the stuff I have to remake the look and let's see. 

My recently bought MUA Luxe Velvet in Reckless is just perfect for my lips as it is just the right color as Maleficent's. And because I really want to have at least one from the collection. I'm eyeing on the sculpting powder in Taupe. Lately, I'm obsessing with matte bronzers and I'm definitely loving more of what magic lies in contouring. Possibilities are endless! Second on my list would be the eyeshadow palette since I also like the colors included in it. If there's one eye shadow technique that I would like to master, that would be the sunken effect because ya know Asians does have a particular eye shape.

I'm excited to do the look! Hmmm.. Where to get the head dress? haha. 

Saturday, May 31, 2014


Went to the Philippine Fashion Week at SMX yesterday to watch several works of art from local designers in the Philippines. Finally wore this wardrobe I won from Alyssa Lau's giveaway in collaboration with The Editor's Market. Don't you just love how basic it is? FYI, the skirt is like a thin leather but I wore it anyway to this summer heat. Totally obsessed with these!

Will blog about the show on my next post.


Perfectly shaped eyebrows can express different characters and impressions depending on its own particular shape. It may take a lot of trial and errors for one to consistently draw the exact shape for their own face shape. And for that, you might need a bucket of patience and enthusiasm.

I admit, I am still in the process of trying different styles for my face shape and it's such a pain at first because I was born with really thick black brows. Just the thought of it makes me want to give up and let the brow masters do it for me. But then again, we cannot depend on them always as it is costly. Although, settling for eyebrow shaping gives a little help in just outlining the exact shape they prefer for you.

I look up to Anastasia Beverly Hills when it comes to eyebrow inspirations and tutorials for that clean and wonderfully crafted arches. I can definitely say, she is the master of eyebrow make up.  Just by looking at the photos makes me want to bleach my brows to make it a bit lighter. But still, I don't have much of the courage to do it as i'm afraid of what the output would be so I now settle for eyebrow pencils for easy on the go looks.

I always had to look for light chocolate or gray-ish Eyebrow Pencil shades to fill in my brows as darker colors would make me look like I have an androgynous style that I came up with putting on live caterpillars on my brows. (LOL) Although, putting on eyebrow pencils really present it that way but by just taming it a little will less emphasize the thickness.

When buying eyebrow pencils I always go for the 2 in 1 pens that is retractable and has the brush on the other side. It's very convenient and always perfect for traveling. 

This Brillante Reve Auto Eyebrow Pencil is my newest favorite of all the eyebrow pencils that i've tried as it glides smoothly on to my brows. It doesn't clump when you apply it and has the Auto Sharp Type design that is flat so it's more easier to design your brows in any way you want.

It is available in four colors Gray Brown, Dark Brown, Brown and Black. You can purchase them online thru SerryMall's website. Each retails for Php 198.00 each! Whoa! that's cheap!

I got the color Grayish brown which I definitely like as it doesn't make my brows more darker. I draw straight brow shapes to get that "innocent" look and also I researched that it is the right design for oval face shapes. 

See? Wouldn't you agree? I look more younger with straighter brows. If you'll look at the before, I would look mataray if I wasn't smiling. And it looks messy and short so it's better if we fill in the blank spots in there.

Anyway, I just have to say I prefer it that way. haha

What do you think?

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Friday, May 23, 2014

REVIEW: iWhite Korea Nose Pack + Purifying Essence

I can't get enough of these summer essentials from iWhite Korea! They're just perfect to add up on my expanding skin care routine. Well, of course I have to say I really love their products especially the Aqua Moisturizing Cream which I totally love applying on my face since it really moisturizes my skin and I love the fact that it's color blue. (Amuses me in my own weird way! haha)

Anyway, I got a bunch of iWhite Korea Nose packs together with a Whitening pack, Facial Cream and Facial Wash that I haven't tried on so i'm so excited to review all of these soon. Today, I decided to try on the iWhite Korea Nose pack since I also got a 50g tube that should be used together with the Purifying Essence. I haven't also tried nose pack creams ever before, usually I use Nose strips but I don't use it on a daily basis.

iWhite Korea's Nose Pack aims to remove unwanted Whiteheads and Blackheads on the face just like any other nose packs available in the market. The only difference is that it's cream based while others are in the form of strips. It also contains Mulberry, Aloe Vera and Panax Ginseng and added Vitamins A, C and E. 

This iWhite Korea Purifying Essence is a serum that will help unclog your pores. It should be applied first before the Nose Pack so it can work its magic in softening even the most hardened whiteheads and blackheads. 

Here's a photo where I already applied the Purifying Essence. It smells citrusy! Leave it for about 5 minutes, then blot it off with tissue so when you apply the Nose Pack it would stick fully onto the area. 

Now let's apply the Nose Pack! Looks llike Elmer's Glue but in a much concentrated substance.

It has a powdery smell that I also like. When applying, dab a little amount on the nose area and spread it carefully to make sure you apply evenly. Then leave it for about 15 minutes until dry and ready to peel off.

Peeling! Peeling! Peeling! I had a hard time removing on the center since I perspire more on that area. See my pores? They're much open on the sides of my nose. 

(Please bare with my yucky nose. LOL)

As you can see, my nose does have blackheads and whiteheads and the usual remedy I do to remove them is to use an extractor tool. Honestly, it became an addiction because it effectively removes them. However, there are some consequences when doing that. 1. you'll be prone to getting pimples because the pores will be opened. 2. Sometimes it would leave a scar when putting too much pressure on the skin. And the worst, feeling the pain while doing so.

Anyway, here we got the before and after photo. As for my first try, I think it didn't remove too much as I think my fault was applying a thin layer to my nose. Although, there are some tiny pieces that came off particularly on the sides. Nevertheless, there's no major difference at all.

However, I also think that perspiration causes the cream to loosen up a bit. If you'll look at the photo where I do the peeling, there are some tiny open areas that showed up after a few minutes. 

This product is not disappointing on my first try. It's just that it works little by little for me. I've seen a lot of good reviews about it and it worked for them and so I think this product is really effective. I would still give this a try for about a month and so then we'll see if there would be a big difference. Give it a try, maybe it would do its magic on you as well!

iWhite Korea products are available in all Watsons and drugstores. 

Next on my list is the Whitening Pack, I can't wait to show you my next review!

Get to know more about iWhite Korea's promos and products on their Facebook page here

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