Monday, April 21, 2014



Finally wore my Levi's jeans after a couple of months. I had it stocked up for a long time actually. I told myself when will I ever wear this? needed to since it was a gift by the coolest dad I know. Although as a petite girl, I would always need to had my jeans altered to fit me well. (Rants of a small girl) Such a hassle! I wish I can do it on my own. Too bad, I don't know how to use the mini sewing machine. Need to work on that soon!

Anyway, I got almost all of my jeans altered last week including this and it was such a relief. I would never have to fold the extra length ever again! Woohoo!

I never thought this Levi's jeans i'm wearing would be be good as this. I like to fold it for like four inches above my ankle and I realized it would be good to be styled like this today. How do you like it? Still have the touch of the tomboy in me though. 

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Friday, April 18, 2014


(sorry for my awkward hand and chipped nail polish)

I'm not a huge fan of cream blushes actually. They are sometimes sticky when applied to the face and I hate that feeling. Although, what's good with these types of blushes are the lasting capacities even in the worst humidity in the Philippines.

When I first got this Make Up Forever HD Microfinish Blush. I was hesitant, but I still gave it a try. I can't deny the beautiful shades available. I wanted everything! Sorry I was not able to take a shot of all the shades but you can still check here.

I got the shade #6 (Quickie) since I prefer pink-ish corals rather than just pink because I think those shades look more natural. It's super pigmented, soft and easy to apply but be careful not to pump too much because a little goes a long way. I think one bottle would last a maximum of 8 months or more depending on how many times you use it but one application per day is good enough already. 

I've tried sleeping with it once and when I woke up it's still there. I can say it really lasts long! 

They also have cream blushes in compacts but I prefer this kind of packaging more. Wouldn't you agree? 

I can't wait to get more shades soon!

What are your thoughts about cream blushes? Let me know!

Thursday, April 17, 2014





I got bored this afternoon so I decided to do a blog post about today's FOTD or "face of the day". Should I do this more often? What do you think?

Anyway, let me just explain to you how I came up with this look. 

First, I applied my all-time favorite cream foundation from Pinkies Collections. Gosh! It's almost empty, I need to repurchase soon! If you're aiming for a flawless look without the heavy feeling you should try this. You can check my review about it here.

I did not finished it with a powder though since this is already good to go for me. Next, I applied my Maybelline Mineral powder on my cheek bones for contouring. I actually prefer using darker shades of powders like this for contouring since it's matte. Maybe for evening looks i'd go for a combination of shiny and matte so it would look more photo ready. For the nose contouring I used the NARS eyeshadow palette in Madrague. 

For the eyes, I used Tony Moly's gel liner and my Maybelline Mineral Powder again as an eyeshadow alternative.

I finished off the look with the Clinique Chubby Stick in Super Strawberry shade and topped off with a Fuchsia Pink Excel Paris Matte Lipstick. I think the highlight of this look is my fuchsia pink lipstick since it really popped out more. I like it!

What do you think of my look? I hope you like it too!

Until next time.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


While I got rid of my all-time trusty facial cleanser (Safeguard). I had the opportunity to try this Cathy Doll Aura Whitening Serum Foam Cleanser which was sent to me together with my previously reviewed Cathy Doll Makeup Remover Toner Serum Foam Cleanser here. The timing was really perfect since the cleanser i'm using now is almost empty. Time to try a new one to include in my skin care routine!

This product has the following components:
  • Whitening
  • Bright toner
  • Anti-dark spot
  • Anti-blemish
  • Soft and smooth
  • Glutathione serum
Having a very sensitive skin, is not as easy as it looks when it comes to choosing the right products for you. Hence, I thought that it's already time that I should be more careful with the products I use for my skin now that i'm more exposed to dirt and pollution plus stress.

I currently have 4 products in my skin care routine including this and i'm quite happy with them. I can say my skin was renewed from having a bad skin due to my hormonal imbalance from the past few months. It sucks. But I had to deal with it  and cure it quickly as I should since i'm really scared of having a massive acne breakout. Thankfully, it's slowly recovering now. Visible dark spots specially on my forehead area are slowly fading, thanks to this cleanser! It subsidized the appearance of my dark spots in just two weeks. 

However, i'm quite not sure yet with the whitening since i've used it for just three weeks now. I'll update you with that soon.

Here's me!! Look few dark spots left on my forehead and chin area! Never mind the eyebags.. That's natural.

Therefore, I should use these HASHTAGS for these photos :)

#Nofilter #Nomakeup #renewedskin #notphotoshopped #natural

Final thoughts..
All in all I recommend Cathy Doll's products. They have lots of interesting skin products that I would really want to try soon. This cleanser is a must-have for every skin care routine!

Cathy Doll's facial cleansers are available in 2 sizes, 50ml and 100ml. This smells good as well but the Cathy Doll Makeup remover foam cleanser is the best!

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Hope you like this review!

Friday, April 11, 2014

MISS MERIE COUTURE + Get a chance to win a customized dress from Miss Merie

On my birthday last April 4, I attended my cousin's beach wedding and it was a first for me actually, to be invited as a bridesmaid for a relative's wedding. I was quite excited about looking for a nice dress to wear. Only that I don't have much time to look for it. Blame it on my hectic schedule! (wow!) Luckily, Miss Merie Online accepted my request even for a few weeks left.

Miss Merie aims to provide your clothing needs- from humble basics to alluring gowns. In ready-to-wear or custom-made/couture- might be anything that suits your distinctive fashion palate.

I had my friend Ate Merie owner of Miss Merie make the gown for me. I compiled possible designs on Pinterest for her inspiration since I wanted something simple and flowy for a beach wedding theme like this. She then sent me the sketch of her own design.

What a beauty! A bright lime green one-sided dress with simple foldings on top and above the knee side slit. I was so delighted with the design and I can't wait for it be produced. 

We met for the body measurements and textile preference. After a week, we met again for the initial fitting. I had a few repairs and design changes after that since i've contemplated that halter is much better for the design even though it would emphasize my fatty arms more. 

I fell in love with it. Look! so flowy!

Let me also just share with you my hair and makeup that day. I went for (of course) the natural look. Also wearing one from my newly purchased Fake Eyelashes from Check my latest review about that here.

All I can say is that i'm super happy with the design and the outcome of the dress. It's wonderfully made and fits me well. In fact, the removable halter can be styled in many ways, may it be one sided, over the shoulders or just a plain tube top. It's a one of a kind dress! I can't wait for my next customized Miss Merie clothing! 

Here's the good news! Miss Merie will be at the Heat Wave Summer Bazzar this April 11-13 at the World Trade Center from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. She will be selling dresses, printed midi skirts, blouses and more! 

What's more good is that you can get a chance to own a customized Miss Merie dress for any purchase of their items.

Visit their Facebook page for more details here or follow them on Instagram.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

REVIEW: 50 pairs of False Eyelashes Haul from

As included in my recent birthday haul. It is no doubt my first successful purchase online in an international shop that is Tmart. It may seem that I hoarded falsies for a year of supply but no or maybe yes? I can't fully decide, all I know is that I wanted to try online shopping using a debit card because i'm constraining myself into using credit cards for any purchases may it be online or not. And no I didn't have any bad experiences with credit cards but it's just that I don't want to stress myself out on the idea of having to pay for my impulsivities every month. I just don't. Is it weird? But, I got a point right? is a haven for cheap buys for electronic accessories, home decorations, clothing, novelties, beauty etc. Even though they have different warehouses in US and in Hongkong you have the privilege to choose where your purchased product/s will be coming from. I just don't know if it would also affect the delivery time span. In my case, I chose Hong Kong's warehouse since we're both Asian countries so I assume the shipping would be hassle free.

I nearly thought I wouldn't receive it before my birthday and that i'm starting to regret the purchase but then the nearest post office notified me two days before, just in time before my big day. 

Moving on to my review. These lashes were carefully packed in boxes which prevents the actual box from any damages and are also available in pairs of 30's and 70's so it's a really nice set to grab. These sell for a dollar per box but it would be better to buy in sets. The type of lashes are synthetic or plastic-ish. It did not consist any human hair or hand made eyelashes which sells out much costly than these. You may view the actual listing here if you're interested in getting one for yourself. 

Let me show you the designs I got.

For the first box. I call it the wearable one because among these sets, this is the only one with a natural looking design. I can totally wear this everyday.

The second one is what I call the Gyaru lashes. As we all know Japan is also a haven for false eyelashes and almost every girl there wear it on a daily basis. Gyaru's like lashes like these because it would give them an illusion of bigger eyes.

The third one is what I call the performer lashes. I'm honestly not sure if I could wear these but it reminds me of stage play actors with heavy makeup. I believe these would literally not last on me for a day because just looking at it I already know it's heavy.

The fourth set of lashes have different strand lengths which is okay with me. I can use this for photo shoots and events in the future.

The last set is my favorite. These lashes adds drama to your eyes and gives the illusion of having an eyeliner already. I decided to use this one at my cousin's wedding last week and it looks amazing!

Final thoughts...

These lashes are incredibly cheap. Some beauty stores here sell it for Php 300+ per box of 10 but in Tmart you get 5 boxes for less than Php 300! 

Although, good looking they are not as easy to apply unlike the customized/hand made ones which are more lighter and bendable. But, with practice you'll get the technique on how to apply these. 

These sets doesn't come with eyelash glue so you really have to buy one. However, you also need to get the one's who could stick longer since these types of lashes sometimes lifts at the edges if they are not glued well.

Overall, this is a good buy for me and would buy more soon. This time i'll try their hand made ones. 

You should try buying from their site also!

You can check more of Tmart's range of False Eyelashes here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I wouldn't deny that at some point in my life I could fancy sleeping with full makeup on. I'm aware of the consequences for not washing my face though but there would really come a time that it may seem hard for me to wash my face most especially when I had a very tiring day at events.

Although, I don't want to settle for that laziness for long because i'm scared of getting acne and dark circles. So, because of that i've considered gathering products for my personal skin care routine. It's actually simple. I wash my face with a facial cleanser followed by a toner and that's it. Having this daily routine since last month I can say my skin has improved a lot. However, as i've always mentioned, i'm still in the process of finding good products that suits my sensitive skin.

When I received a package from Cathy Doll Philippines I was delighted to have received two of their cleansers along with a cute sample pack of their cleansing black clay mask. Cathy Doll is a Korean brand distributed by Karmart and now it's officially distributed in the Philippines as well. Their products have fast become favorites especially their all time best selling Ready 2 White cream pack which lightens skin in 3 minutes! How cool is that? I've never tried one but it's something I look forward in trying soon.

Starting off with Cathy Doll's Makeup Remover Toner & Serum + Foam Cleanser (what a long name). This product claims to cleanse skin deeply, tighten pores, remove makeup, whitens skin more, all day moisture and makes skin more glowing with Vit C. I like how it is already combined with a toner, just hoping it works the same as my toner now which makes me less oily and dries up my pimples fast.

The texture of the cleanser is pearly with tiny beads for scrubbing. My favorite part is the actual application because it SMELLS HEAVENLY something like Guava! You need to buy one to know how it really smells. Makes cleansing even more fun on my part.

Now, let's check how good it is in removing makeup.


I used my recently purchased L.A Girl lipstick and as you can see it was easily removed with the cleanser. 


I used my Tony Moly's Gel liner however there are still some spots left in just one wash. I think on  the eye part, it really needs 1-2 washes since gel liners are really hard to remove not unless if you're using an oil based makeup remover.


I used my Rimmel Waterproof Mascara here. I can say it still did a good job even though the mascara is water proof which is nice because sometimes i'm having a hard time removing my mascara.


I used my Naked 3 palette for the swatches here and it was easily removed with just a tiny amount of cleanser. How nice!

Final thoughts..

Cathy Doll's Makeup Remover Toner & Serum Foam Cleanser is a good product. It effectively removes makeup in one wash although it may take 2 washes for the eye area if you're using gel liners but all in all it rinses off makeup even the hard to reach areas of the face. 

In terms of packaging, they are carefully sealed to prevent any leakage.The packaging is undeniably cute just like other Korean products. And it is also available in two sizes. The size I got is perfect for traveling. 

Their prices are certainly cheaper so it's totally worth it. The good part is that, i've never had any breakouts since the day I used it so this is a big YES for me. I've included it in my skin care routine already since I apply makeup on a daily basis. 

You guys should never let one pass! Get yours now and experience happiness while washing your face. That line should pass for some serious copy writing skills. haha!  Watch out for my second review of their Aura Whitening Serum Foam Cleanser!

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Sunday, April 6, 2014


What an awkward face! HAHA


Managed to squeeze in a short post with what I wore yesterday at my post birthday dinner. Tried Slappy Cakes for the first time and it was fun! Kids would surely enjoy making their own pancakes as much as I do. Such a kid at heart :)

Spring means more pastels and prints but my affection with black isn't over yet. In fact, if you check my recent haul almost everything is black and white no regrets. I bought one cropped top in red and was planning to wear it yesterday but failed to do so. Boom Vaness! haha (Disclaimer: my all time favorite childhood show is back!! Meteor Garden FTW!) 

Channeling my inner sporty self yesterday with an oversized jersey shirt, origami skirt and my abused wedge sneakers. Never thought Origami skirts would look good with a jersey shirt or any oversized shirt like this. Forgot to wear a cap though! 

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