Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Top 5 Best Online Shops to Follow

Wayback 2009, I discovered online shopping. I remember that I was hesitant at buying a cute clay necklace at first since there are a lot of scams circulating online. But then courage made me aware of the awesome wonders of online shopping. It's hassle-free, convenient and very simple. 

Because of Online Shopping I've enjoyed mornings where you get to wake up and see packages delivered at your doorstep. The moment of surprise makes me always giddy when opening each and one of them. You know the feeling of opening gifts? Yes, that's what it makes me feel. 

Some of you might still be skeptical with online shopping but let me just share with you some of my trusted online shops that you may want to follow now.

1.  ZALORA - this shop is always on the tabs of my online everyday routine. Me and my colleagues super love browsing their website most especially when they have a sale ongoing. Zalora is not the typical online shop where you get to see just one brand of clothes or shoes. This shop has more to offer. From accessories, shoes, bags, clothing and beauty products, it's a one-stop shop for your top to bottom needs. They feature local and international brands as well as a Marketplace where some entrepreneurs like me could sell my products. Their service is world class and they even offer coupons! Hooray! When you shop online make sure to check out their own line Zalora (where I mostly buy my basics), Mango (can't find the bag that you want, no problem! It might be even on sale.), get the fitness gears from Nike and New Balance or try to mix and match a gorgeous outfit with Tomato from Zalora.

Some of my favorite brands also include:
Something Borrowed
River Island
Chloe Edit
Spring Fling

Sign up for their online newsletter to know more about their upcoming deals.

2. SHOPEE - is a FREE app for Android and iOS platforms where you can buy and sell products. I myself was guilty of splurging from this app mainly because of the coupons! I must say this is my current go-to shopping haven as of the moment ever since I got my first purchase of a matte lipstick (you guys know how I love matte lippies). And it didn't stop from there! I have accumulated about 7 lipsticks from different sellers last month(wow! in just a month!). Imagine this addiction? haha. One drawback though from their update is the option to add the shipping fee which before is included in the item already. Nevertheless, I love this app! If you haven't, go download it now before it's too late! One tip though before purchasing is you check the reviews and ratings of the seller before checkout to prevent scams. 

3. INSTAGRAM - I know most of you might have already followed a bunch of online shops on Instagram but let me just share with you some of my favorites.

Ripples by Jenny
Stiles Clothing
Luscious Closet
Apartment 8 Clothing
Flying Dutchess/ Dutchman
Three Wishes Shop
Albay Online Shoppe
Tupped boutique
Butternut Fashion Boutique
Fudge Rock Ph
Pink Manila
Viva La Manika

Mustlovefinds (US based)
Smellingood (US based)
Es online (US based)

Craft Carrot
The Craft Central
Only Maria
Hey Kessy
Arty Animal Mnl
Swirls and Strokes Ph
Sunday Paper Co

4. MY-SHOPPINGBOX - shop online without a credit card via my-shoppingbox.com. I've read a lot of bad reviews about this after I transacted with them for my first Amazon purchase. I first knew this platform when I was searching for US based sellers online where I can pay thru my credit card and ship the item to their US address and in return they will bring the item to me here in the Philippines. I wouldn't say my experience with My-Shopping Box was perfect, but all I can say is that they offer the most inexpensive shipping fee compared to Johnny Air or other P.O Box companies locally. Plus, they deliver the item to your address in the Philippines unlike the others that you have to pick it up in their offices. Also, my orders arrived on time and that made me happy with my first ever P.O Box experience online. 

One thing I just didn't like with My-Shopping Box is that it took time before they notified me about the parcel that arrived already at their office. I had to email them to let them know that I received a note from Amazon saying that they already received it. Anyway, their customer service representative responded very quickly and everything went well after that. Btw, I used Gcash Amex to pay for my Amazon purchases since I was afraid to use any credit card online (teehee). 

5. FACEBOOK GROUPS - this is not actually a shop but rather some Facebook groups that I follow. Most of them are open to those who would like to sell pre-loved and brand new products at a cheaper price. So, if you don't mind buying 2nd hand items, this is where you can look for some stuff that might interest you. I follow the Makeup Artist Philippines group where I buy good condition and 2nd hand makeup products and sometimes I even trade my stuff. One tip also is to check the background of the seller or look for someone who can vouch for them to prevent bogus sellers as well. Also, for this type of selling platform you might want to consider meet-ups so you can see the actual product/s.

And that's it! I hope you'll enjoy online shopping as much as I do! Let me know your thoughts about these. Have you had any bad/good experience with any of them? 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

A POP OF COLOR: Giordano Retro Summer


Summer is here!! Well, it's the time of the year again where we get to enjoy the heat, the beach and the most comfortable coordinates that we can wear with this heat. Talk about shorts, tank tops, and linens just like this pastel yellow button down shirt that I'm wearing. This summer, Giordano Philippines released their Retro Summer Collection featuring classic silhouettes like long sleeve shirts and shorts, in nature’s soft hues. Linen, the campaign’s key material offers breathability and comfort for the hot humid weather. Tees and polo in easy-to-wear fits are also available in mélange and slub fabrications to compliment linen and complete the vintage textured feel. 

For my summer retro look, I went for a laid back boyish chic coordinate wearing this pastel yellow polo, shorts, sneakers and a bright blue bag for the added retro feel. Who says girls can't pull off polos? For a girl who prefers more loose and subtle cover-ups, my choices would always be this. But, of course, if you're aiming for a ready-to-go-to-the-beach look, opt for tank tops paired with sheer kimonos and shorts. Yes? The most important thing is that you're comfortable with what you're wearing and how you can survive a day outside this super hot weather. 

My birthday is next month. Oh, how time flies. That's also one reason why I love summer! Yay!

Visit Giordano Philippines Facebook for more information about the collection.

Sunday, January 25, 2015



When I visited Hong Kong last September, sneakers and mandals are so in that my eyes were fascinated at how locals wear it. Dresses and skirts are undeniably cute to pair with don't you think? I mostly see these kind of styles on Koreans during Wash days in our school and I like how it's relaxed and laid back except that they mostly wear backpacks. In today's inspired look I went for casual sporty and this bag from www.tidestore.com is a good match up for this look. Not the usual but I am totally digging this bag. 

I'm surprised at how spacious and light it is. Easy to carry and of course loving how I can incorporate any look with it even this sporty coordinate. Btw, I'm also feeling lucky to get my hands on this black and white Nike Roshe Run (from my papa) that is supposedly for my youngest brother but unfortunately the size is big for him soooo.. haha.  You know what it is. Also, I'm wearing this cute cropped top from the super cool store called Monki an independent brand by H&M. I'm obsessed again. 

I hope you like this look. Let me know what you think! 

Sunday, December 7, 2014



Giordano Philippines, a brand known for its modern approach to high quality timeless clothes, launches the Be Classic campaign which reintroduces time-tested stylish pieces that can be dressed up or down. This also comes with the return of the 90s cult favorite logo – The Classic Man.

The Be Classic campaign features everyday wardrobe essentials such as polos, tees, shirts, cardigan and pants in classic silhouettes that flatter all body types. 

Normcore, a trend that perfectly illustrates the concept of classic dressing is becoming popular nowadays. This culture of "Acting basic" is a special form of characterizing "being normal" or simply the avoidance of standing out. Having said that, I think it's ironic how Normcore gains popularity among the fashion society now despite the fact that it constrains one on having to stand out. I guess that's the sense of classic clothing. It simply defines sophistication in its own natural way.

Basics are my most favorite pieces to work with. They are the type that are easy to incorporate in anyway I feel good and comfortable. My personal favorites are monochromes because whenever I go shopping for clothes I always find myself ending up with either the blacks, the whites or both. Black say for example makes me look thinner and white makes me look fresh. You may say it's boring but I prefer those that have a unique touch in them. Basic pieces that have character, ones that speak for itself without embedding too much effort. I dig these types and I fell for them in an instant without any hesitations. A fancy detailed cut (laser cut outs are the best), overlaps, and lovely fabric textures these are just some of the few things that I look for in basics.

When Giordano Philippines contacted me to take part of their Be Classic campaign my heart skipped a beat. It sure did made my day because I was dead sick for a week and this came in as a wonderful surprise. What I got? This white button down shirt, a classic white tee, basic black cap and a pair of polka dot socks. The moment I saw this polo, I knew that I needed it in my normcore life. Say whut? Yes, I'm embracing it. Today, I got to style two Giordano pieces for my first Be Classic look. A simple look that can help one transition to another. Say wearing a nice set of black pumps without the cap can be a good example of that Day to Night Style. Not bad right? Classy classics at its finest. Giordano aims to provide clothing that are not just functional but also of good quality. If there's one shop to look for classy basics, it will always be Giordano. 

Let us join Giordano in its commitment of building a World Without Strangers.

Follow Giordano Philippines on Facebook and Instagram to get updated with
their upcoming events and campaigns.

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Saturday, November 1, 2014


Hello my dear readers! (are there any?haha) Sorry for the sudden hiatus. I got hold of a lot of things lately and I felt bad for keeping my blog empty for a while now. Missing product reviews and outfit posts already that's why I decided to write a short style wishlist from www.tidestore.com in preparation for the upcoming Christmas and New Year's Eve! I can't promise that I would be super active now but I would do my best to write something again.

Thinking about what to wear for your Christmas party? Let me share with you some of my picks.

That's it! What can you say about my wishlist? Aren't they perfect for parties? www.tidestore.com has a wide range of cheap clothing, bags, and shoes! Visit their website to check more of their fashionable items. Also, they have FREE shipping for Korean clothing here http://www.tidestore.com/Korean-Clothing-Free-Shipping/  andChristmas Day sale here http://www.tidestore.com/h/Christmas-Day-33/ . Go and buy now! 

You can follow Tidestore on Facebook,  Googel+ , Ployvore and Pinterest

Advance Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Friday, June 20, 2014


Hello! I'm still alive. Sorry for the lack of posts lately. I've been on a serious movies and books addiction just recently. Definitely not the normal me, I'm no bookworm but I'm indulging myself with novels nowadays and honestly,I'm getting the hang of it. I don't like reading because I'm lazy but it feels so good to read beautiful stories. 

Anyway, today I decided to share with you my newly purchased and definitely my new favorite lip lacquer. The MUA LUXE Velvet in Reckless. I've been eyeing on this since forever and finally I got one the last time I attended the Philippine Fashion Week at SMX. Luckily I had the chance to visit the Superb Bazaar on their last day there too.

Can I just say, I got a LOT of compliments with this lip lacquer. Everyone were like "I like your lipstick". They seem to be liking the shade on me. Although, I regret not getting the shade Kooky that day since I had a hard time choosing between the two. Even so, I'm quite excited to get the other shades soon! These lip lacquers are very opaque and matte which are the things I look for in lipsticks/lip lacquers. It's also easy to remove, just wipe it off with tissue and it easily comes off unlike the cheap Excel Paris lip lacquers which are a pain to remove. 

Another good point is that, it doesn't make my lips dry or chappy. Matte lipsticks usually make my lips cracked and chappy but this doesn't. So it's a good thing! Also, its lasting power is intense!

Loving the shade! I think if this was not matte I wouldn't like it. One thing is for sure, matte lipsticks make me more comfortable although I can wear semi gloss lippies but it may depend on a particular shade. I also don't like the feeling when my hair stick to my lips. It's just a NO-NO!

Moving on, if you've already seen my recent Maleficent inspired make up, you may have known that I used this lip lacquer as an alternative to MAC's Maleficent True Love's Kiss Lipstick. And I can say, it really did a great a job! It popped out a nice red finish and villain like. I'm super impressed! 

I can't wait to get the other shades soon. Lime Crime is next on my list and I already had a friend get me the Lime Crime Red Velvet in the US and I will soon get my hands on it this coming week. Also eyeing on the new Lime Crime Gothatines line! I like everything! Whew! I'm hyperventilating. (haha) TAKE ALL MY MONEY!! But I don't have money, that's a problem. Just kidding! haha

I hope you all have a great weekend! Share with me some of your favorite matte lipsticks on the comment box below! 

You can get this from Hot Shop for Php 380.00

Hot shop's  Instagram.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Disney's Maleficent Makeup

Tadaaaaah! I did it! 

My version of Maleficent's makeup is here! I didn't have the actual horns and costume though, but thank goodness my editing went well. 

I've been meaning to do the Maleficent makeup last week and finally I had the time to do it this morning. What do you think about it? It was fun! I wish I had MAC's Maleficent Collection though since I really want it so bad. Perhaps, I had to use my existing make up stuff for this look because they're out of stock everywhere. So Sad, I think I'll just order the Sculpting powder online. Do you happen to know anyone that sells them? Anyway, here are the products used on this look.

Pinkies Collection Cream Foundation
Make up Store Concealer Wheel
Maybelline Mineral Powder in Dark
MAC Powder Blush in Eversun
Pigeon Compact Baby Powder

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
NARS Eyeshadow in Madrague
Sephora Block Buster Palette
Tmart.com False Eyelashes

MUA LUXE Velvet Lipstick in Reckless

Real Techniques Brushes

I'm really happy with the output. I think it's not that bad at all. Although, I look like a Maleficent Asian version but it's okay. LOL 

What do you guys think of this Maleficent inspired look? 
Would you like a video tutorial for this?

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

MAC Disney Maleficent collection

MAC Disney Maleficent collection

While I was watching the most epic Maleficent movie last night. I can't help but be amazed with every detail of Maleficent's artistic make-up. The sunken eyes, the pouty red lips (of course Angelina is known for that), and her protruding angled cheek bones. Though, it was not executed as the original Maleficent character with green skin that we all know, I could say I like the modern look better. Isn't she just the most good looking villain in the world? 

Well, I must say I'm inspired to do my version in the next few days. If only I can buy MAC's Maleficent collection so I can really feel that villain spirit while doing my make-up. (LOL) I really want it so bad, but I think it would be too expensive knowing MAC. Perhaps, I could just use some of the stuff I have to remake the look and let's see. 

My recently bought MUA Luxe Velvet in Reckless is just perfect for my lips as it is just the right color as Maleficent's. And because I really want to have at least one from the collection. I'm eyeing on the sculpting powder in Taupe. Lately, I'm obsessing with matte bronzers and I'm definitely loving more of what magic lies in contouring. Possibilities are endless! Second on my list would be the eyeshadow palette since I also like the colors included in it. If there's one eye shadow technique that I would like to master, that would be the sunken effect because ya know Asians does have a particular eye shape.

I'm excited to do the look! Hmmm.. Where to get the head dress? haha.